Welcome to Stillpoint Pilates!

At Stillpoint Pilates, we aim to create a supportive environment where we meet each client where they are, with respect, focus and expertise in working with the physical body.  We have devoted most of our lives to the study of the body.

With Pilates and Gyrotonic® as the primary systems anchoring the studio, bodywork, dance, and Z Health also inform the training. The instructors at Stillpoint Pilates have diverse backgrounds and offer a myriad of resources to clients.

The Stillpoint Pilates approach combines the classical tradition of Joseph Pilates with modern concepts of biomechanics.  Honoring his legacy of exercise order, repetitions, and breath, we approach his system with our current understanding of anatomy, physiology, and functional movement.

Depending on the needs of the individual, we intend to optimize movement, increase stability in relation to flexibility, and reduce pain and leaving one with an increased sense of vigor, optimism, and health.

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