Stillpoint offers comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training, a comprehensive certification program. We know Stillpoint training is exceptional and is offered at an incredibly affordable price.  Please contact past interns and students from other programs so you are well informed about the program you choose.  All potential instructors are encouraged to compare Stillpoint’s training to other training programs when making a selection.

Prerequisites: 30 hours of classes, privates, semi-privates with written “test out” or equivalent experience.


  • The program is designed to be finished in 12 months.
  • We recommend that you speak with past students as to the intensity of the program.
  • 5 weekends – 15 hours each – once a month.
  • Study requirements vary per individual, but require much memorization and critical thinking.


Understanding anatomy is important to success in the program. Except for two hours  devoted to anatomy study each weekend, the anatomy topics are self study (much memorization). We recommend taking Anatomy and Physiology courses prior to the training if that information is new. You will take the practical test in month 12. Prior to this test you will have completed a minimum of 150 hours of practice, 150 hours of teaching, and 150 hours of observing.  This training is a great deal of work and requires a big commitment of time and energy. The full concentration is on all equipment through advanced work.

Call or email for further information.